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Subject: RE: [regrep] Press release

Message text written by "Munter, Joel D"
>Here is where having some marketing experience would help me
greatly... Are we now trying to say too much in the PR? <

Excellent point.  Know your audience.  If we are hitting techies on 
XML.dev - then we're in the right tone and content.  If we're trying
to reach managers who will authorize projects - well then you
need a business ROI story.

Frankly the press will give it scant notice if its all techie stuff.
They have to be able to relay a simple eBusiness related
gem or two.   Often just the heading alone on these techie
press releases is enough to cause them to hit the 'delete'

Eh, why are we sending out a press release again?
Seems like chest puffing (which is ok of course) but 
beyond that - probably pays to focus on a potential
marketplace of real end users....

Sheesh - these days I sound way to much like a 
VP of Business Development ; -)


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