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Subject: [regrep] Membership requirement for RegistryPackage

Kathryn and all Registry members,

NIST is preparing some test cases for Registry implementations, and we've 
come upon the following unexpected requirement:

In RIM Section 6, the UML diagram in Figure 1 requires that every 
RegistryPackage have 1 or more members.

The subsequent RIM Sections 6.9 and 7.8 discuss packages further, but these 
sections do not say anything to confirm or deny the requirement that every 
package instance have at least one member.

RIM Section clarifies that package membership is represented by 
Association instances with associationType equal to "HasMember". But there 
is no further discussion to confirm or deny the requirement that every 
package instance have at least one member.

The XML Schema referenced by Registry Services, is also silent on whether 
or not a RegistryPackage instance is required to have at least one member.

We think there is a strong possibility that the requirement of Figure 1 is 
NOT intended. We need for the Registry techncial committee to confirm that 
every package should have at least one member, or state that there is an 
error in Figure 1 of the RIM specification.

We need an answer because it would be very difficult to write the tests to 
cover both situations. The tests will look quite different depending on 
whether or not empty packages are possible.

If we assume that the at least one member requirement is intended, then 
we'll need tests to make sure that a RegistryPackage instance cannot be 
created without simultaneous creation of at least one HasMember Association 
instance. And we'll need tests to make sure that an error is raised if a 
user attempts to delete the last member of a package. Alternatively, if 
empty packages are legal, then it would be possible to create an empty 
package first and later populate it with members.

-- Len

At 09:24 PM 4/3/02, Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:
> >  -----Original Message-----
> > From:         Breininger, Kathryn R
> > Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 8:07 AM
> > To:   'ebXML Regrep'
> > Subject:      Comments and resolutions
> >
> > I will have the most current Comments and Resolutions log posted on the
> > Registry TC page near where the Version 2.0 specs are currently located.
> > This way anyone curious about comments that have come in during the review
> > period, and how they were resolved, can easily find the information.
> >
> > Having a special meeting for commenters is not advisable at this point.
> > Anyone interested can attend our telecons at any time, since the agenda
> > and the call in information is published in the e-mail.
> >
> > The call-in details and agenda for our meeting tomorrow will follow
> > shortly.
> >
> > Kathryn
> >
> >
> > Kathryn Breininger
> > CENTRAL Project Manager
> > Emerging Technologies
> > Boeing Library Services
> >
> > 425-965-0182 phone
> > 425-237-3491 fax
> > kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com
> >
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