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Subject: [regrep] Minutes from telecon April 18th

Minutes of OASIS Registry/Repository Technical Committee Teleconference
April 18, 2002
Conformance test report
Mike Kass of NIST hooked up with the IIC last week.  He is developing a test schema methodology for messaging, registry, and hopefully eventually CPA.  He is gathering test assertions and developing a schema to describe them.  The goal is for anyone to be able to come in and create a test case for different assertions.  Hopefully it will be used by a wide variety of people.  Having it in a schema will allow reissue of similar calls.  Len Gallagher (NIST) is working on the set of assertions (test requirements).  It is a series of submits, updates, queries.  It will be put out to the regrep group for comments when it is complete.
Priority 3 work items
Postponed until more people are on the conference call.
Barcelona meeting update
Talk to Kathryn if you are planning to go so that we can coordinate activities.
cc-review subteam report
Storage - how to represent a Core Component, BIE, etc.:
  Leaning toward default representation as intrinsic objects (for conformance), with the option of representation as extrinsic objects (non-conformant)
  Representation as intrinsic objects would require new classes added to RIM - would need to bring up to TC level

Associations between entities:
  If associations are used, we will need to consider the concepts of intramural vs. extramural associations - i.e. what if a user attempts to assemble an ABIE from BIE's that they do not own?  We may simply document this in our analysis results as an issue to be aware of.
  If intrinsic objects are used, the metadata attributes will need to be "hardwired" into registry; if extrinsic objects are used, the slot mechanism would be used
  Farrukh posed the question, "Would it make sense for us to spec a high priority v3 item to get cc an interim answer quickly for user defined type?"  An answer was postponed so that further discussion may take place.
Other subteam reports
Other issues/items
Oasis Member Ballot:  We only have 12 more days of voting on ebRS v2.0 and ebRIMv2.0.   We encourage TC members to find out the name of their voting representative and encourage them to vote.
Next meeting
Thursday, May 2nd at 4:30 Eastern (1:30 pacific)

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