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Subject: [regrep] A different perspective on OASIS ebXML v3 enhancementproposals.. .


I'll join you in the murky waters here.

How about a counter view - while what you present may indeed
have merit - I suggest that ebXML V3.0 is necessary as 
defining this functionality in terms of the ebXML Registry model
today.  Yep - it may overlap and duplicate - but it is built 
inside a known world.

Tying together the UDDI and ebXML models is the next step
that we now need to contemplate into V4.0, and my take 
is that this will allow us to do a better job there.

Notice that there are significant differences in deployment
models between ebXML Registry V2.0 and UDDI V3.0 - 
whereas with the Registry V3.0 enhancements - this will
move them closer.  There are clearly aspects of the UDDI
deployment model that will need to reflect the ebXML model
too.  Just agreeing on common terminology going forward
is another item - tModels v RIM and ebXML architecture
stack - where we'd really like one set of terms used

I can also bet there are procedural issues here - that if we
hold fire - we still won't gain anything in terms of 
timing - since it will take a chunk of time (3 to 4 months is
already set down) to bring UDDI in the OASIS process,
and then once we are there (January 2003) then we
can sit down and make the alignments you are
suggesting.  I'd prooffer that V3.0 spec details will
actually make that process flow more smoothly than

Cheers, DW.
Message text written by "Munter, Joel D"
>I ask you all to thoroughly read UDDI V3.

Most of the Use Cases Presented in [1] can be handled through the use of
UDDI business relationship structure.  This was available in UDDI v2.  

There are tModels and simple taxonomies already available that describe
peer-to-peer, parent-child, and identity relationships between business
entities in UDDI.  As services are contained within business entities,
what, with good programming and best practices, that relationship can be
extended to services within businesses.  

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