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Subject: RE: [regrep] Minutes of today's meeting

No problem. My understanding is that minutes needn't be written as a transcript, but I humbly support this addition.
Kathryn, should I add this if there are no objections from others who attended?

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	From: CHIUSANO, Joseph [mailto:JCHIUSANO@lmi.org] 
	Sent: Fri 8/9/2002 5:00 AM 
	To: Scott Zimmerman; ebXML Regrep (E-mail) 
	Subject: RE: [regrep] Minutes of today's meeting

	I'd like to add some information to the following point if I may, as I believe it is a very important discussion to capture in the minutes:     

	Brief discussion about investigating if phone-number is required; can we reuse components (e.g. Address)? Brief discussion of goals regarding UBL compatibility.


	The specific issue has to do with whether or not the registry should enforce compatibility with various standards (UBL, etc.).  Nikola described a scenario in which the registry would verify that a certain component (e.g. Address) "conforms" to a certain standard - e.g. the UBL version of Address.  Joe Chiusano stated that there are 2 levels of compatibility in terms of Core Components - one is adherence to the Core Component methodology (i.e. adherence to the Core Components technical specification), the other is adherence to a certain standard representation of "components" within transactions (such as the UBL Address "component").  Joe expressed that the Core Components Review subcommittee's work would ensure adherence to the Core Component methodology (which UBL is also using), and that it would be very difficult for the registry to enforce the second type of adherence, as the registry would need to be constantly kept in sync with updates in the standard.  Joe also mentioned that he is the UBL liaison for the Registry TC, and has been keeping watch on all of these types of issues between the two TC's.  So far, no incompatibilities have emerged.


	I realize how difficult it is to capture these types of thoughts when someone is new to a TC and is taking minutes. 


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