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Subject: RE: [regrep] Minutes of today's meeting

Message text written by "CHIUSANO, Joseph"
Ah, I see...so, for instance, if the UBL representation of Organization and
the registry class for organization matched, the registry could potentially
accept a UBL transaction containing Organization information as a means to
create an instance of an Organization class within the registry, thereby
alleviating the need for a user to enter this information.  The same could
apply for class PostalAddress, class PersonName, etc.


Forgive me for saying this - it appears to be the tail wagging the dog.

UBL should be following the Registry organization definitions, and 
if they have issues with those - should be making a proposal to
Registry on it.

Also - OASIS CIQ TC is creating core component definitions of 
address, person and organization - so really that again would
be where one would expect this detail to harmonize - since that
is the exact scope for the CIQ work in the first place!

Since the OASIS CIQ has participation from USPS, USGov and
other groups reviewing such standards I suggest they definately
represent a strong authority on such definitions.

I'm not sure what policy UBL has - but one would expect them 
to defer such technical matters to existing domain groups - 
and especially when the domain group happens to be an 

Cheers, DW.

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