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Subject: [regrep] Latest V3 proposal slides, schema and samples


Attached is a zip file with:

-Latest V3 presentation (browse ebXMLRegistryV3Minimal.html)

-Latest XML schema files (*.xsd) for V3

-Some sample XML instance files (*.xml)

Please unzip this zip file somewhere on your computer and open
ebXMLRegistryV3Minimal.html in a web browser in advance of tomorrow's TC
meeting .

The slides are intended to be our TC's collateral for presenting version
3 at various forums. I have replaced any company logos with ebXML and
OASIS logos. These slides are result of joint collaboration between
Nikola, Matt and myself and needs your input for further improvement.
Due to lack time we have not incorporated Matt's REST slides yet. This
will happen in the next few days.

Though Joe will send the final agenda for tomorrow's meeting, I propose
that we:

-Meet for at least 2 hours

-Devote most of the time for V3 proposal review

-Review of Event Notification (Nikola), followed by review of
Content-based Discovery (Farrukh), followed by REST interface (Matt) as
time allows.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Attachment: ebXMLRegistryV3Overview.zip
Description: Zip compressed data

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