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Subject: Re: [regrep] Content-based discovery proposal version 0.2

Hi David,

Can you provide me with a short bootstrap note on OAG BODs including: refs to:

-any tutorials
-required schema/dtds
-a simple illustrative example

I need this to prepare slides for tomorrow's meeting so I would be grateful
for some urgent help on this.

Thanks very much for your help.


David RR Webber - XMLGlobal wrote:

> Berry,
> Yep - the version 8 has both XSD, XSLT, Exampletron and XML samples.
> I'm working on some "live" examples - since the XML they
> provide were autogenerated samples - so not so useful
> I'll see if I can re-cast some of your V7 as V8 - and see how that
> works - our Transfrom engine should make that relatively
> easy to create a script for...
> Thanks, DW.
> ========================================================
> Message text written by "Berry, Nicholas F"
> >
> Farrukh,
> The DTD is attached.  The instance document is, of course, created by the
> procurement agent and not necessarily something I could just whip out.
> The content based query was, I assumed, a query based on either element,
> attribute, or entity names from the DTD or schema in question.
> This DTD is from OAGIS 7.0, but it is the version 8 BODs which have
> well-organized XSLTs and other index documents.  I'm sure David Webber has
> those.
> Nicholas<

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