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Subject: [regrep] FW: Distributive ebXML Grid Meeting - Sydney Australia

Title: FW: Distributive ebXML Grid Meeting - Sydney Australia

Registry TC,

Some of you may have seen a recent announcement on ebxml-dev regarding an "ebXML Grid" effort taking place in Sydney.  The attached PPT is a presentation that was given by David Lyon at the announced meeting.  In the e-mail below, there are also some exchanges between several Registry TC members regarding publish/subscribe and other items.

For those not yet familiar with the grid computing concept, here is a site that you may find helpful:


Thanks to Monica Martin for her help with this.


> **************************************************************************
>   Joseph M. Chiusano
>   Logistics Management Institute
>   2000 Corporate Ridge
>   McLean, VA 22102
>   Email: jchiusano@lmi.org
>   Tel: 571.633.7722
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-----Original Message-----
From: Monica Martin [mailto:mmartin@certivo.net]
Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 1:20 PM
To: CHIUSANO, Joseph
Cc: Monica Martin
Subject: Chiusano 8/22/2002: Distributive ebXML Grid Meeting - Sydney

I've cleaned up the email and attached the PowerPoint.  See below.
From Farrukh Najmi

<David Lyon> Where the Grid is different than federated registries is
that everybody on the Grid has the ability to directly change their
"information" directly on everybody elses stems instantly. </David Lyon>
This is the first I have heard of the Distributive ebXML Grid. Very cool
concept! Is there anything we can read on it?

I concur with Monica and Joe's assessment that the Event Notification
feature in ebXML Registry V3 will address the above use case perfectly.
Information in registries may be kept synchronized via the Event
Notification mechanism. Matt MacKenzie and I have been discussing how
XMLG and Open Source ebXML registry project may work together to deliver
V3 features such Cooperative Registry and Event Notification features in
both our implementations early and to work together to demonstarte these
features in an inter-operable manner.


"CHIUSANO, Joseph" wrote:                   

Thanks Monica - I think it would be great if you were to send this to
our RegRep list.  This looks like a very interesting proposal. Some
additional points:

(1) Publish/Subscribe - I have attached Nikola and Farrukh's "Event
Notification" v3 proposal, as it incorporates publish/subscribe concepts
(potential tie-in) - I've also included
Nikola and Farrukh on this e-mail.

(2) There was a reference to UBL below, and that the latest doc that the
person had was for Purchase Order:  UBL (of which Monica and I are
participants) have recently released a second transaction (draft),
Purchase Order Response - currently, we have a spreadsheet available,
and a schema is forthcoming.

Please see: 

Regards, Joe


From Monica:

David: Sounds like a discussion to send to Reg/Rep....I am going to do
so if you don't mind. Joe and Matt: May want to see the effort Dave is
involved in and consider how ebReg/Rep would handle a publish and
subscribe model.  See below.  He has a high level brief as well.


From David Lyon

I did get a chance to look at these documents on federated registries
and remember having a look at these sometime back. It's very similar to
X.500 as I recall. Where the Grid is different than federated registries
is that everybody on the Grid has the ability to directly change their
"information" directly on everybody elses systems instantly. This means
practically that if a company changes their phone number, it's broadcast
to the grid and everybody has the new details straight away. In fact we
demonstrate that the change happens on the screen right almost right in
front of the users eyes. Likewise with the contact details and trading
details. Instead of being held in a database remotely, all the systems
on the Grid cooperate and update each other with whatever information
they have. The business benefits is that a Grid provides a collaboration
protocol that could work on a city or national scale. It's very much
like building a very, very, large lan based on Instant Messaging. That's
pretty much what the Grid concept is about but based around the ebXML


From Monica

Thanks for the information.  You might look at the new specification
development for ebReg/Rep v3 that includes cooperating registries - and
mechanisms to facilitate distributed
and federated registries.


From David Lyon

With the Grid, we're trying to use UBL, and only received the first
specs a little while ago. The latest doco that we have is for a v0.1
Purchase Order which is what we're trying to
use.   Certainly, ebMS could be used for enveloping and packaging, as
well as constructing the business message. We haven't tried to use that
ourselves yet. The Grid doesn't care too much about enveloping and
accepts pretty much anything at the moment. In addition, you indicated
that UN/CEFACT maintains the definitions for UBL format - are you
speaking about the definitions and format of Core Components and BIE?

Hmmm.... Forgive me if I'm wrong... somebody out there maintains UBL and
I occassionally do make mistakes when it comes to who is looking after
what. I'd also be interested if you
are using ebReg/Rep, UDDI or a hybrid. Yes, that's a good question. The
answer is that what we built was based on the ebReg/Rep specification.
However, to implement that specification we used some Distributive
technology and some ideas left over from X.500 and LDAP.

The result is something that functions the way the ebReg/Rep Spec
suggests it should, only we've used a design that allows a company to
distribute their trading details to all their
trading partners so that everybody always has the latest details for
everybody else. That was our interpretation of the ebReg/Rep spec,
although everybody else probably assumes that the spec meant something
else. Therefore, a central registry like UDDI isn't required, and in any
case, business doesn't generally find the UDDI notion that attractive.


From Monica

Thanks for the presentation and glad to hear your event went well.   I
noted you are using UBL - are you using the draft reusable types to
construct a business message using ebMS as the envelope and packaging?
In addition, you indicated that UN/CEFACT maintains the definitions for
UBL format - are you speaking about the definitions and format of Core
Components and BIE? I'd also be interested if you are using ebReg/Rep,
UDDI or a hybrid........


From David Lyon

Dear All,

I'm pleased to announce and invite interested attendees to the
Distributive ebXML Grid meeting in Sydney Australia to be held on
Tuesday 20th of August
at 3:00pm till 5:00pm.

We will be demonstrating the Distributive ebXML Grid concept, which is
loosely based on existing ebXML work such as BPSS, UDDI, Core
Message Handling services and also a significant influence from

Those who might find this of interest will be technical people, business
analysts and those looking to see how ebXML can work for potentially
numbers medium and small sized enterprises. This meeting is definitely
for those interested in pushing networking technology and the internet
to the
limits to see what it can do. Light refreshments will also be served.

The idea behind the concept was to build a Distributive computer grid or
circuit based on/for ebXML to take advantage of dialup, broadband and
connections for the ever increasing capabilities of the modern PC. The
vision for the project is to one day interconnect tens of thousands of
business computers on an ebXML grid. On demonstration will be some
256-bit, 2048-bit and 8192-bit encryption/decryption software for those
who are security conscious.

A live demonstration of the Grid in it's present form with just a few
computers will be provided.....(was 20 August).....


Attachment: Australian_DistributiveebXMLGrid_Lyon_082002[1].ppt
Description: MS-Powerpoint presentation

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