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Subject: RE: [regrep] Content-based Discovery v0.3


XML and the classifications both come to the rescue here immediately.

Notice that the 300 entries can be grouped by classification, and also
context (XML tag name).

So now I can organize that result set for people based on the 
metadata, and the classification.

This then allows me to quickly discard entries that are out of scope
for my requirements.

A well designed user interface based on browse-and-drilldown, 
and query / context - allows users to navigate their results from both
directions in tandem.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by INTERNET:zack2@cris.com
I think that it is more an issue of scalability.  Not having a relavancy
attribute when there are ten (10) entries in an ebXML registry is different
than not having a relavancy attribute when there are 10 million entries. 
what use is a 40k result set.  If I search for seller in an ebXML registry
that has 10 thousand entries and I get a result set with 300 entries what I
do next?

I may have miss read the standard.  If anyone can submit an index then
wouldn't there be value in  encoding your choice of hot links. From a p2p
standpoint, is there any value in trading result sets.


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