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Subject: Re: [regrep] RE: [uddi-spec] ebXML Registry / UDDI Convergence

I think that the two registry specifications should gradually merge.  
If you look at the work done on JAXR (Java API for XML Registries), you 
see that the data models can be modeled into a unified data model.  We 
(the ebXML Registry TC) have added features to allow cross linking of 
data with UDDI, but that is an integration solution, and I would rather 
go to market with a solution that seamlessly and elegantly includes 
functionality from both registries.

As for coexistence -- I can't see that, not from a business/sales 
perspective at least.  If you look at how the whole "directory" thing 
played out, you notice that companies who bought into the directory 
concept are trying to put everything in their directory from 
authentication info (from simple to biometric) on to application 
configuration information, and even provisioning and rights management 
data.  To me, this suggests that customers are going to want to invest 
in a technology that can effectively cover a lot of ground, and they 
are not necessarily looking to run two sets of distributed registries.


On Friday, September 27, 2002, at 06:55  AM, David RR Webber - 
XMLGlobal wrote:

> Anne,
> I think everyone assumes these are competing - but actually I'm
> seeing different models here.
> It's not clear cut for people right now however, because
> we've not formally articulated missions and business focus.
> Nor have we really focused on how these two systems
> could be complimentary / co-exist in unison.
> Sure they can be purposed to do many of the same things,
> but I believe the audiences are different - especially
> around the deployment models.
> So people may choose one over the other, or both,
> depending on their business needs.  We need a
> PPT at a minimum as a discussion point so that
> people can understand what each world looks like
> today.
> I also see an obvious first step to create an interop' API
> between the two with the simple goal of being able
> to link (read-only) from an entry in one to an entry in
> the other.  This is probably doable already today - but
> we should formally write it up and have it go thru the
> normal OASIS process.
> One good place to start is an adoption and setup
> guide.  What it takes to install, configure and operate
> each system, and what types of content get stored.
> Right there I believe we can see alot of the business
> differences.
> Thanks, DW.
> ===================================================
> Message text written by Anne Thomas Manes
> IMHO, it hurts us to have two competing standards. Convergence would 
> be a
> good thing. I don't expect it to be easy, though.
> Anne<

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