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Subject: Re: [regrep] RE: [uddi-spec] ebXML Registry / UDDI Convergence

Message text written by Matthew MacKenzie
As for coexistence -- I can't see that, not from a business/sales 
perspective at least. <



Now you've got me putting on my Marketing / Bus Dev hat!

The big difference I see is the formal replicated v federated models,
coupled with the tModel/WSDL v ebXML architecture stack.

And this then comes back around to the business needs.

So if you are trying to deploy an eMarketplace with lots
of eCommerce sites and you want a strict and formal
member directory / participation control structure - with 
simple push/pull content interactions - then UDDI makes sense.

If you are looking to build a cross industry supplychain
B2B world with multi-threaded business processes 
between many collaborating peers then ebXML gives you that.

Similarly if you are looking to document reference industry
domain vocabularies, transactions and classifications 
and codelists, then ebXML registry is the right choice.

Does it makes sense to keep complete separation for
ever here?  Clearly three years from now we would like to
see a common infrastructure - and providing support
for the two mechanisms - replicated / federated.

But as a marketing person - I'm seeing you'd make the
product modular - so customers can buy a simple
base registry, and then step-up to more functionality
as they need it.


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