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Subject: Re: [regrep] Object Relocation Vs. Object Export Facility

Monica Martin wrote:

>Perhaps John would like to provide as a short point paper with an
>example showing both methods?
I will take a stab at providing an example. John please feel free to 
comment or to send your own example.

The example showing the ObjectRelocation method is well documented in 
the RS 2.2 spec. I will only describe the alternative as suggested by John.

Use Case
User wishes to relocate their objects from one registry to another.

Sequence of Events Using Proposed Object Export Protocol

The steps under the proposed Object Export protocol are described next. 
Compare it with equivalent steps before Object Relocation Protocol 
diagram (fig 51 in RS 2.2?)

1.    The ownerAtSource sends an ExportObjectsRequest (proposed) to 
sourceRegistry. The request is a privileged request and identifies the 
ownerAtSource. The registry sends an ExportObjectsResponse (proposed) 
back that provides the objects owned by ownerAtSource. The request 
supports iterative query feature so large result sets can be handled 

2.    The ownerAtSource then removes the exported objects using standard 

3.    The ownerAtSource then saves exported objects to a file manually 
and then submits them to destinationRegistry using the 
ownerAtDestination's identity and standard . In the event that these 
owners are two separate individuals then the ownerAtSource may email or 
otherwise communicate the export file to the ownerAtDestination.

Note that all of above may be automated via a client API like JAXR API.

 Let me know if you need more information to analyze the propose 
enhancement request.


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