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Subject: Re: [regrep] Open Forum presentation


Thanks for putting together these slides. The presenttaion flows well 
and look very nice.

Here are some high level comments:

-Consider putting the Ven Diagram slide from the presentation at SF at 
beginning to describe what is an ebXMl registry. I suggest replacing 
slide 2 with that slide.


-Consider adding common misconception slide from [1]

-Why We need registries: We have come a long way since the V2 slides 
were done and experience suggests many more reasons why we need 
registries. Some additional uses that should be highlighted are: Content 
Management (validation, cataloging), event notification, ontology 
server, data dictionary etc.

-Drop slide 5  with clients accessing registry. Replace instead with 
Monica's new Fig 4 from latest RS spec.

-Slide 6: Need to be followed by another slide of Key Features (Cont.) 
as in [1]. That slide has all the *NEW* Key Features and is one we must 

-Drop slide 7 if you have to many slides

-Slide 9 is out of date. Use latest figures.

-Slide 12: Use "Removal" instead of "Deletion" for consistency

-Slide 13 is out of date. Use latest figures.

-Slide 14 drop XQuery

-Slide 18: Change "Service definition is stored in Repository" to 
"Service definition may be stored in Repository"

Slide 22: bullet not clear

    Associations of internal and external classification

Slide 26: Consider changing the title to focus on ebXML Registry and not 
ebXML as a whole. I suggest using the format of the Conclusions slide in 

Slide 27: I believe the list of V2 implementations is rather incomplete. 
KTNET, KIEC come to mind right away. Better check with Monica on this one.


Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:

>Attached is the draft presentation for my presentation on Monday.  The presentation starts with a broad introduction to ebXML registries, defines features and functions of version 2.0 Standard, and then addresses enhancements coming with version 3.0.  Please review and send me any comments.  The description of the session (from the Open Forum web-site) is as follows:
>10:30 - 11:15 AM, OASIS/ebXML Registry Standard
>Kathryn Breininger
>The Boeing Company
>Chair, OASIS/ebXML Registry TC
>Providing an introduction to the XML Registry Standard developed by OASIS/ebXML, this session will briefly describe what it is, what it does, key features, and the current status of the standard. Features that will be coming with version 3.0 will be introduced, including event notification, cooperation between ebXML registries and federated registries, lifecycle management, content management services, and content based queries.
>Thanks for your comments!  I appreciate the input!
> <<Santa-Fe-presentation.ppt>> 
>Kathryn Breininger
>CENTRAL Project Manager
>Emerging Technologies
>Boeing Library Services
>425-965-0182 phone
>425-237-3491 fax

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