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Subject: [regrep] "Top 5 Features I Would Like to See in a Registry..."


Just wanted to pass this along as an FYI from the federal realm...

The e-mail below is from Brand Niemann, Chair of the Federal CIO
Council's Web Services Working Group.  He asked me at our recent meeting
of the XML Registry Working Group (of which he and I are both members)
for my "Top 5 Features I Would Like to See in a Registry" in the federal
government; my response was passed on to the Web Services Working Group.

The rest is unrelated to registries - it is a presentation on the
emerging Global XML Web Services Architecture (GXA) - WS-Security and
more, that I will be giving at the Web Services Working Group in the
coming months. 

Kind Regards,

-----Original Message-----
From: Brand Niemann
Sent: 1/27/2003 8:24 AM
Subject: Top 5 Features I Would Like to See in a Registry and Global XML
Services Architecture (GXA)

At my request, Joe Chiusano has provided the following:
1.  Top 5 Features I Would Like to See in a Registry (in no particular
(1) Namespace Management function
- Would include capabilities such as:
(a) Register namespaces (along with their XML namespace identifiers)
(b) Associate registered elements/attributes/datatypes ("artifacts")
with their namespaces
(c) Report on all XML artifacts within a given namespace
(d) Automatically transfer XML artifacts from one namespace to another
(would accordingly update all schemas and XML documents in which these
artifacts appear)
(e) Perform a "diff" between 2 namespaces (useful for harmonization
(f) Change an XML namespace identifier (would accordingly update all
schemas and XML documents in which the namespace identifer is used)

(2) Security
- Access control policies (perhaps XACML), digital signatures,
encryption, etc.

(3) Distributed/federated capabilities
- Allow multiple "independent" registries to become part of a
federation, thereby making their contents visible and accessible to
other registries/users

(4) Granularity
- Ability to register/maintain at the artifact level, not just the
schema/XML document level

(5) Classification/Taxonomy support

And when the Core Components work under UN/CEFACT and OASIS is fully
matured, I would add "Core Component Enablement" as another highly
desirable feature.

2. Global XML Web Services Architecture (GXA) (See Attached)
The Global XML Web Services Architecture (GXA) initiative is a protocol
framework designed to provide a consistent model for building
infrastructure-level protocols for Web services and applications.  In
addition to this underlying protocol framework, GXA defines a family of
pluggable infrastructure protocols that provide applications with
commonly needed services such as security, reliability, and multi-party
agreement.  GXA provides a set of common facilities that are needed by a
wide number of Web services and applications, built on the foundation of
XML and SOAP.  Some of the specifications released to date include:
 WS-Security - Provides a security language for Web services; enhances
SOAP messaging with credential exchange, message integrity, and message
 WS-Policy - A general-purpose specification describing how to express
enterprise security policies
 WS-Routing - Describes mechanisms for routing SOAP messages without
the need to rely on underlying transport mechanisms.
 WS-Transaction - Adds transactional/coordination capabilities to Web
 WS-Inspection - Provides a means for flexible discovery of Web
services, regardless of the mechanism used to describe them (WSDL, UDDI,
This presentation will provide an overview, history, and future of the
GXA initiative, as well as a brief overview of each specification that
comprises GXA.

 <<GXA Presentation.ppt>>

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