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Subject: RE: [regrep] Presentations and questions : persistent URLs


Thanks for the clarification.  Yes - the co-association issue is
one that will become more interesting this year as we
deploy collaborating registries.  Obviously the new
V3.0 event mechanism is an essential feature here.

In the DRIve case there were also contractual constraints
that prevents the actually artifacts being stored in the
DRIve registry prototype as a repository - so that's
not a technology restriction here.

I'm looking forward to seeing new V3.0 based
deployments where people can truely collaborate
- as this will open up new relationships and
move beyond current restrictions.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by "Berry, Nicholas F"

Hello again.  That question was mine, addressed to Alan Kotok at his
presentation of the DRIve registry.  He indicated that this registry did
not contain a repository, and that any URLs pointing to artifacts (referred
to in a database record) simply pointed elsewhere.  My question was
oriented toward the idea that the owner of the artifact could move or
delete it without alerting the DRIve registrars; indeed, they may not even
know their artifact was being pointed to.  Alan assured me that there were
contractual obligations which kept communication lines open between the two


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