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Subject: [regrep] Describing ebXML Reg/Rep - observations from Santa Fe

Having attended the Open Metadata Registries conference in Santa Fe, I have some observations regarding 
the presentation and description of ebXML Reg/Rep and RIM that might have some bearing on the understanding
and acceptance of these standards and specifications among the broader metadata community:

1.  For the people not familiar with an ebXML Registry, there seemed to be some confusion about the relationship 
between XML and the Registry.  It seemed helpful to clarify that an ebXML Registry does not necessarily
use XML in its implementation, and that its contents do not need to be restricted to XML artifacts.  The ebXML
label suggests things about the Registry that are not true, and may cause some people to dismiss an ebXML
Registry because they are "interested in metadata, but not XML".  In presenting the ebXML Registry spec,
it is important to explain what ebXML is, and it's relation to the spec. 

2.  Some people seemed to have the impression that the RIM was essentially a software package that 
could be simply installed.  It seems important to be clear that the RIM is a model and a standard - a level of 
abstraction above any actual implementation of the standard.

I expect that it is not necessary to reiterate such points within this community.  But when presenting the 
ebXML Reg/Rep to others, making these issues clear up front will go a long way in reducing confusion and 
gaining understanding and acceptance.

	- Erik

Erik Still
CENTRAL Registry
Boeing Library Services

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