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Subject: RE: [regrep] Describing ebXML Reg/Rep - observations from Santa Fe

Your overall assumptions about the state of Reg/Rep use may need some
updating - there are multiple governments, many implementations, and
plans either in work or under development (albeit more public than

>>I think RegRep's biggest issue is that it's so closely associated with
ebXML, and when most people think of Web services, they think of SOAP,
ebXML. Likewise, when they think of a Web services registry, they think

But it's being much more widely adopted for private use than ebXML

Please, take a look at the brief we've made available on our web site to
get an introduction to the projects I reference.  The organizations
taking on ebXML Reg/Rep are not typically driven by short-term market
focus, but providing public services, for example, with a long-term

My point is that we need to educate ourselves and communicate that to
other potential users.

Thanks for your comments and insight.

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