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Subject: [regrep] Action item

I had an action item out of the Open Forum to talk with Kathleen Gundry about a list of requirements for the EPA registry, and to see if there are requirements that may be met with version 3.0, or that we may want to consider with version 4.0.  Attached are the documents, plus some explanation from Kathleen.  I would like to discuss these at our next telecon.  If we have questions, I can compile them and send to Kathleen.

........snip from Kathleen........

Since Larry has authorized its release, I am attaching a requirements
document that we prepared for the EPA-State Environmental Exchange
Network (Word file titled Final SWRequirements). The requirements are
described in some depth.  We prepared this document in support of the
Technical Resources Group that advises the Exchange Network on XML
technology implementations.  The group did not identify their priority
requirements, so they are not reflected in the document, and I can't
speak for the group. 

I can offer you two other sources that might help winnow the large list
of requirements.  (1) Subsequent to the requirements analysis, we
prepared an analysis of available options.  We summarized the list of
requirements in evaluating the available XML registry tools.  I have
attached the summarized list of requirements as a Word document, called
XML registry evaluation criteria.  (2) After the completion of the draft
options analysis, the work group decided to adopt an interim solution,
as they felt that the market was not ripe for making a commitment to a
final software solution for XML management.  In evaluating an interim
solution, they reduced the requirements to a very bare bones list:  Post
Schema, Query Schema, Retrieve Schema, and provide some form of schema
versioning. An API was seen as desirable, but not really required.  Cost
was a factor in selecting the interim solution.  However, this would not
constitute the requirements priorities for a longer term registry
 <<XML Registry Evaluation Criteria.doc>>  <<FinalSWReq--Wordversion.doc>> 


Kathryn Breininger
CENTRAL Project Manager
Emerging Technologies
Boeing Library Services

425-965-0182 phone
425-237-3491 fax

Attachment: XML Registry Evaluation Criteria.doc
Description: XML Registry Evaluation Criteria.doc

Attachment: FinalSWReq--Wordversion.doc
Description: FinalSWReq--Wordversion.doc

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