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Subject: [regrep] [RIM issue] Move status attribute from RegistryEntry toRegistryObject


A long standing wart in ebRIM is that the status attribute is on the 
RegistryEntry class instead of the RegistryObject class. This means that 
we can only track status (submitted, approved, deprecated, removed) on 
RegistryEntry instances and not on all RegistryObjects. It also means 
that only RegistryEntries can be Approved, Deprecated and Undeprecated. 
This introduces an inconsistency between LCM capabilities of 
RegistryENtry and RegistryObject sub-classes. IMO, such discrepancies 
are bad and we should fix them for V3.

(The reasons for this mistake are mired in ancient history, not 
technical in nature and entirely irrelevant at this point.)

I would like to propose that we fix this by:

-Changing ebRIM to move the status property from RegistryEntry to 

-Changing ebRS to reflect that all LCM capabilities applies to all 
RegistryObjects. This would have minor change in ApproveObjects, 
DeprecateObjects, UndeprecateObjects protocol to change the word 
RegistryEntry to RegistryObject.

-Changing rim.xsd to move the status attribute from RegistryEntry to 

-Changing SQL schema (database.sql) to move status attribute from 
RegistryEntry to RegistryObject tables.

Please let us know what you think on this important issue.


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