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Subject: Re: [regrep] ebXML Registry "Granularity"

I agree with Joe that the market needs to be educated before they start heading down another path ... and I like a challenge . So here are my first thoughts ?

are the Technical Notes targetted at 'vendor implementors' or 'user implementors' or 'both' ?

could the Registry be positioned to support the BCM initiative ?


Joe wrote:

> What I would like to propose is that, in no greater than 3 months, we
> make a big technical and marketing push to educate the world as to the
> potential of granular registration and maintenance for an ebXML
> Registry. I think a great first step would be the creation of a series
> of Technical Notes that address (1) how to register and maintain
> elements, attributes and datatypes in an ebXML Registry and (2) how to
> register and maintain namespaces, and associate elements, attributes,
> and datatypes with their namespaces.
> Then, we can combine this capability with CAM, and allow registry users
> to assemble schemas using registered artifacts such as namespaces,
> elements, attributes, and datatypes.
> Is anyone with me on this challenge?
> Kind Regards,
> Joe

Carl Mattocks
e-mail: CarlMattocks@checkmi.com
Business Agent Software that
Secures Knowledge for Reputation:Protection
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