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Subject: Re: [regrep] ebXML Registry "Granularity"

Joe +1 on the need to address fine grained sub-document level content. 
It is already on teh list for V4 but I can see the need to at least do a 
TN right away on it. I would be glad to work with you on this.

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>This week I participated in a series of federal XML meetings in which
>the OASIS/ebXML Registry standard was mentioned as a candidate for
>various potential roles within multiple federal government initiatives.
>That's great news.
>In most if not all of these references, there is a *very strongly*
>expressed requirement for granular registration - that is, registration
>of elements, attributes, and datatypes - as well as XML namespace
>support. There has been a very big push within the federal government in
>the past several years for component-based architectures, both from a
>software module standpoint as well as a data standpoint.
>I know that if an implementer chose to, they could include such
>functionality in their ebXML Registry product, given the abstract nature
>of our information model. But the reality is that people read our
>specifications and they don't explicitly glean from the specs that the
>ebXML Registry standard can accomodate granular registration and
>maintenance - so they close the specs and potentially move on to other
>possible solutions (solutions which do exist in the federal space and do
>allow such granular registration and maintenance, as well as namespace
>That's not-so-great news.
>What I would like to propose is that, in no greater than 3 months, we
>make a big technical and marketing push to educate the world as to the
>potential of granular registration and maintenance for an ebXML
>Registry. I think a great first step would be the creation of a series
>of Technical Notes that address (1) how to register and maintain
>elements, attributes and datatypes in an ebXML Registry and (2) how to
>register and maintain namespaces, and associate elements, attributes,
>and datatypes with their namespaces.
>Then, we can combine this capability with CAM, and allow registry users
>to assemble schemas using registered artifacts such as namespaces,
>elements, attributes, and datatypes.
>Is anyone with me on this challenge?
>Kind Regards,


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