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Subject: Re: Republica Case Study (Was: Re: [regrep] Web Site update request)

Maybe all that is needed is a statement in the paper that states that 
this work pre-dates CCRIM and will be suprceded by it.

I think that would be great - thanks Farrukh. I would be fine if it
simply states that:

(a) It pre-dates CCRIM, and

(b) The approaches defined in the paper are not necessarily in line with
those to be specified in the forthcoming OASIS/Registry TC Core
Components Technical Note

I don't think it's necessary to say that it will be superceded by it. I
agree that we need to recognize Diego's work, but we also need to
recognize the work of the other members of the CC Review team as well by
ensuring that there is no confusion as to the recommendations coming fom
the team.


Farrukh Najmi wrote:
> (Changed subject per focus of thread)
> Chiusano Joseph wrote:
> >I have the following concerns with posting the Case Study paper on our
> >site:
> >
> >(1) The paper is not an OASIS product, yet it uses the OASIS and ebXML
> >logos and format. It is also listed as being copyright OASIS, which is
> >incorrect (at an extreme, it can be considered fraud - not accusing
> >anyone of that though).
> >
> Whatever procedural concerns we may find with Diego's paper should not
> in any way take away from the fact that the paper  is a valuable asset
> as a case study in applying an ebXML Registry. I would like to
> congratulate Diego publicly for the good work represented by his paper
> and for his willingness to share it.
> >
> >(2) The paper describes approaches to implementation of Core Components
> >in ebXML registry that are not necessarily in line with the approaches
> >that we will be proposing as part of the Technical Note (in fact I can
> >tell you that there are contridictions).
> >
> The paper's work pre-dates the creation of the CCRIM sub-team. Naturally
> its approach will not be in line with CCRIM. However, as a member if the
> CCRIM team my recollection is that we leaned heavily on Diego's past
> work and experience (described in this paper). I can also safely say
> that Diego was one of the most active and enthusiastic contributors to
> the CCRIM work (thanks Diego).
> Maybe all that is needed is a statement in the paper that states that
> this work pre-dates CCRIM and will be suprceded by it.
> >As Chair of the Core Components
> >Review Subcommittee, I request that this paper not be listed on our
> >site.
> >
> >
> How about that we make contructive feedback on this new thread to Diego
> on what he needs to do minimally in order for us to display the paper
> under a new case studies area on our web page.
> We need case studies like this badly, so people can see how our work is
> being applied to solve important problems in important places.
> --
> Farrukh
tel;work:(703) 902-6923
org:Booz | Allen | Hamilton;IT Digital Strategies Team
adr:;;8283 Greensboro Drive;McLean;VA;22012;
title:Senior Consultant
fn:Joseph M. Chiusano

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