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Subject: FIPA Background URL's



Here is a short list of FIPA (Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents) background:

            http://www.fipa.org/index.html             FIPA Main Web Site

http://www.fipa.org/specs/fipa00001/   FIPA Abstract Architecture Specification

            http://www.fipa.org/specs/fipa00023/   FIPA Agent Management Specification

http://www.fipa.org/specs/fipa00086/   FIPA Ontology Service Specification

http://www.fipa.org/specs/fipa00095/   FIPA Agent Discovery Service Specification


FIPA Implementation

            http://jade.tilab.com/                              JADE (Java Agent Development Environment Framework)



Zachary Alexander

The IT Investment Architect

ebTDesign LLC, (703) 283-4325





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