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Subject: Re: [regrep] UK Government Registry Requirements

Returning to the addressing stuff - the OASIS CIQ work and
related to that the UPU work is extremely fine-grained.
The level of detail of not just the XML elements - but the semantics,
rules and formats are covered.  There are roughly five address formats
for each postal service - as you point out - its not just about
delivering bits of mail.  The cultural rules on address formatting are
also very important - as is being able to handle addresses of
say - waterpumping stations and power substations for utilities.
So - you will find that the UPU particularly has a great deal of
semantics on all this.
The CAM has been upgraded to cover off what the UPU needs,
and so the ultimate goal from the enduser experience is to
have an address object - that they input context into -
such as locale and use - and have the XML autoconfigure
to that.
We have been busy looking at this in significant detail.
Thanks, DW.

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