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Subject: Re: [regrep] ebXML Registry and WS-Security, SAML

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Have we given any thought to incorporating handling of WS-Security
>headers and SAML assertions (when not used with WS-Security) into our
>architecture for V4? I ask mostly because the question of "security
>discovery" has come up in my current work on DISA's NCES (Defense
>Information System Agency's Net-Centric Core Enterprise Services).
>If anyone could respond for UDDI as well that would be wonderful.
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I am keeping a list of V4 candidate work items for future discussion. 
Alignment with the standard that emerges from the work of the OASIS Web 
Services Security (WSS) TC at OASIS, as well as aligment with SAML is on 
my list of things to target for V4.

To keep discussion in the propoer forums, I would suggest that UDDI 
related conversation be conducted on the uddi-spec malining list. Maybe 
Luc, Anne or Max could forward this question to the uddi-spec list. Thanks.


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