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Subject: Re: [regrep] Direct Data Exchange vs. SOA


Isn't SOA in this context actually more like (1a) as oposed to (2)?  
Exchange of the PO and Invoice will still happen between partners 
directly.  The only difference would be in how parties find each other 
and keep their mutual information up to date.  By using the SOA model, 
parties are able to keep their information up to date in all places, and 
don't have to manage partners one-by-one.

That said, I would say that an organization would choose the SOA model 
for its scalable approach to partner management.  They would lean toward 
SOA for the same reason the leaned toward LDAP to manage access control 
across their enterprise.


Matthew MacKenzie
Senior Architect
Adobe Systems

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>I have an inquiry that is not directly related to our mission here, but
>I hope to get some good insight in response please:
>Let's say we have a purchase order process between trading partners (PO
>sent, Invoice received). There are (for the purposes of this inquiry) 2
>possible ways to handle this process:
>(1) Direct Data Exchange (create XML documents based on a common schema,
>and exchange them between trading partners)
>(2) SOA (have a purchase order/invoice shared service that is discovered
>in a registry, etc.)
>My inquiry is: What would drive an organization to use one approach or
>the other, from both a business and technical standpoint? For instance,
>would "critical mass of services and/or trading partners" be a driver
>for SOA vs. direct data exchange?
>Thanks in advance,
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