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Subject: Re: [regrep] service discovery,finding an object's registry with only an ID...


Cool!  This could be a very good idea.  The only other competitor idea 
was to use UDDI as a locator/binding discovery service for ebXML 
Registries however the issue of how to locate the UDDI server in the 
first place would replace the problem DNS-SD solves so I favor this 
approach.  Besides that, both UDDI and ebXML Registry can use the DNS-SD 

I would like to suggest to the TC that we schedule this for either our 
F2F (if we get time) or next teleconference.  Matt is coming to NO so 
perhaps he could be there in person to present how this could work 
although I think I could also present it if he is busy.  

As a sidenote, I am in Amsterdam for XML Europe 2004 with Farrukh.  Just 
about every talk I attended ( I don't count mine) today had a long range 
roadmap that included a "Registry".  Most favor use of the ebXML 
Registry system for its feature set and ease of use.  I see that 
Registries will likely become a pervasive technology as the P2P SOA 
architectures continue to grow.  Here is my quote:
"Registries will become to SOA what the search engines are to the internet."

Duane Nickull

Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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