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Subject: Re: [regrep] FW: [Fwd: IHE ITI Technical Framework Supplementpublished for Public

Breininger, Kathryn R wrote:

>I am forwarding this request for review and comments on four supplements
>to the IHE ITI Technical Framework, rev. 1.0.  Comments are due by July
>15th.  We can discuss this at our next telecon as well.

The following is the link to the IHE specification which references the 
ebXML Registry specs:


This is great news for the adoption of our work. Congratulations to all.


>-----Original Message-----
>From: bill@nist.gov [mailto:bill@nist.gov] 
>Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 7:28 AM
>To: Breininger, Kathryn R
>Cc: lisa.carnahan@nist.gov
>Subject: [Fwd: IHE ITI Technical Framework Supplement published for
>IHE (http://rsna.org/IHE/index.shtml) is issueing a profile for the use
>of the ebXML Registry Standard in healthcare. The profile is named
>"Cross-Enterprise Clinical Documents Sharing (XDS)".
>For now it is only being distributed to interested parties that are
>likely to provide comments.  The comment period ends July 15, 2004.
>After that, changes will be made based on the comments and a final
>document will be released.
>The purpose of an IHE profile is to involve industry in providing
>implementations, both client and server, to the healthcare environment.
>The publishing of a profile leads to industrial collaboration through
>the fall, a connect-a-thon in January and then a public display at HIMSS
>in February.
>We, NIST, showed a registry at HIMSS last February as part of a joint
>HL7/IHE booth. It was based on Farrukh's work. This is the first time a
>profile has been attempted for this technology by IHE.
>We would appreciate your review and distribution to others you think
>would want to see it. I have already sent this notice to Farrukh Najmi
>and Brett Trusko.
>Bill Majurski
>--------------------------------- Original Message
>Subject: IHE ITI Technical Framework Supplement published for Public
>Comment From:  
> "Sensmeier, Joyce" <JSensmeier@himss.org>
>Date:    Wed, June 16, 2004 12:29 am
>To:      ihenews@rsna.org
>         iheinfra@rsna.org
>IHE Participants and Interested Observers,
>IT Infrastructure Technical Framework
>2004-2005 Supplements for Public Review
>The IHE IT Infrastructure Technical Committee has published the
>following four
>supplements to the IHE ITI Technical Framework, rev. 1.0 for public
>*	Audit Trail and Node Authentication
>*	Cross-Enterprise Clinical Documents Sharing (XDS)
>*	Patient Demographics Query
>*	Personnel White Pages
>These documents are available for download and review at
><http://www.rsna.org/IHE/tf/ihe_tf_index.shtml>.  The HIMSS IHE web site
>www.himss.org/ihe will also be updated within the next few days to
>reflect recent IHE additions/changes.
>Public comment on these supplements is invited through July 15, 2004 and
>can be submitted using the online discussion
>	Regards,
>	Joyce
>Joyce Sensmeier MS, RN,BC, CPHIMS
>Director of Professional Services
>230 East Ohio St., Suite 500
>Chicago, IL 60611
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