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Subject: Re: [regrep]GCN:"Would a governmentwide XML schema registry cut duplication?"

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>Thanks Farrukh. I was actually referring to "more native" than we
>currently do. That is, folks pick up our specs, look for references to
>registering these items, and they do not find a reference - they then
>come to the conclusion that the registry cannot support these
>requirements. I know that it can, if an implementer wanted to include
>this support - but I am certain that we need to give one the ability to
>do the following:
>(1) Search for all XML elements that belong to namespace XYZ
>(2) Register an XML attribute and associate it in the registry with
>specific XML elements
>(3) Discover all complex datatypes that contain elements that were
>submitted by organization YYY
>A standard mechanism for this in our specs - or a Technical Note - would
>help ensure that vendors implement this functionality in a standard way.
>Frankly, this void is IMHO one of the things that has inhibited the
>existence of an US federal XML registry (or series of registries). I'm
>basing this not only on my opinion, but on the opinions of folks in the
>federal space that I have heard over and over for years now.
I agree that a TN is the way to communicate how to use an ebXML Registry 
to manage XML Schema artifacts.
Such a TN could be the outcome of the work we are doing in the OASIS 
egov registry SC and piloting within the
UK Government. On behalf of that SC I am willing to take such a TN as 
one of our deliverables in the next few months.

But I do want to clear any incorrect perception that such support does 
not exist in the registry today. The TN will describe nothing new that 
the registry needs to do. It will only describe how to use it for that 
specific application.

Let me know if this sounds reasonable.


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>Thanks so much,
>Farrukh Najmi wrote:
>>Chiusano Joseph wrote:
>>>Just released: Government Computer News (GCN) feature on XML registries,
>>>featuring Owen Ambur (XML.gov Co-Chair) and Marion Royal of GSA.
>>>Title: "Would a governmentwide XML schema registry cut duplication?"
>>>Quote: "It is far harder than it should be for folks to discover and
>>>reuse data elements, not to mention actual instances of data," said
>>>Ambur, a systems analyst for the Fish and Wildlife Service. "They are
>>>often left with no practical choice but to reinvent the data elements
>>>they need."
>>>Of course, this can only be fully realized when the OASIS/ebXML Registry
>>>standard has *native, standard* support for registration, maintenance,
>>>and discovery of fine-grained artifacts
>>>(elements/attributes/datatypes/namespace identifiers), along with a
>>>*standard mechanism* to assemble these into schemas. :)
>>Thanks for sharing this Joe.
>>The ebXML Registry standard already supports:
>>*native, standard* support for registration, maintenance,
>>and discovery of fine-grained artifacts
>>(elements/attributes/datatypes/namespace identifiers)
>>Note that we have had above abilities since version 1.0 of the ebXML
>>What we do not yet have is the
>>"*standard mechanism* to assemble these into schemas"
>>I also want to point out that the "*standard mechanism* to assemble
>>these into schemas"
>>is not and has never been part of our charter. We view this as an
>>application that is a client
>>of the ebXML Registry. We are willing to help anyone who wishes to
>>develop such a client.
>>Please let me know if I misunderstand the issue and do what you can to
>>correct any accidental misleading
>>perception. Thanks.


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