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Subject: [regrep] A spatial search facility - simple demo

Hi all,

I posted a proposal for incorporating a spatial search facility:

Over the last 18 months or so we have been prototyping such extensions
within a series of OGC test beds, developing a catalogue service
specification based on ebRIM 2.x (but employing a different set of
HTTP bindings).

Here's a link to a simple discovery client that demonstrates
the basic functionality.


An index map can be used to define a bounding box that is then used to
construct a "window" query (note that this catalogue currently only
associates geometries with dataset descriptions).

This is a prototype, so don't bother with the bug reports ;-)
Other comments or questions are invited, though.

Richard Martell         Public PGP key: <http://www.galdosinc.com/pgp/>
Galdos Systems, Inc.      tel: +1 604-484-2765  |  fax: +1 604-484-2755

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