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regrep message

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Subject: RepXML trial field

Hi to all,
I'm pleased to announce that EDIFRANCE has officially launched the 3
months trial field of RepXML.
RepXML project is an ebXML RR implementation to manage CCTS - BIEs
(Business Information Entities).
It is composed essentially by three parts:
- A client application (Connecteur) 
- A public web server
- A freebXML Registry Repository

Briefly, the client application allows creating locally ABIEs (in
conformity with CCTS) and submitting them to the validation authority. 
The web server allows guests users to browse and retrieve only approved
ABIEs (they are called Business Specification within RepXML application)
in several formats and to validate or reject submitted ABIEs.
The Registry to store ABIEs and manage registered users.

You can find more details at the addresses:

The internet site address is: http://www.repxml.org/

I take it care to say that this implementation have been possible only
with the good work of this TC and ebxmlrr team. 

Best regards,

Ps : Actually the English version isn't finalised yet. Client
application and help section of the internet site are only provided in
French language. I apologize for that. It will be done ASAP.

R&D Engineer 
France Telecom R&D/BIZZ/PMX 

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