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Subject: Re: [regrep] Final draft recommendations for CC's and Registry -UML/UMM Profile for CCTS


> I mentioned JPG because that is how you rendered UML in the link you 
> sent out.  UML is not bound to any specific mime type for 
> serialization.  If you store the stereotypes in *.jpg, I use XMI and 
> someone else uses *.png or *.svg, our models will not be 
> interchangeable.  If we all agree on one interchange format like XMI, 
> then they will.

I store them using in an XML format generated according to XMI 1.2 
principles using UML 1.4 meta model, which is basically standard 
practice for UML tools.

The JPG is only there since its easier to look at the UML notation than 
look at the underlying XML file.

> One cannot (from an application perspective) store models in UML.  
> They are stored in another format that gets rendered as UML.  There is 
> a big difference.

UML is not only a notation, it is also a meta model. Diagrams are only 
views of model elements in a UML model.
So yes you can store UML models in (standardized) machine readable 
format using XMI princples and a UML meta model. The latest OMG 
development is that now one can also store (logical) diagrams in XML 
using the DiagramInterchange meta model.
This paper outlines how to generate SVG from DI models based on (view 
of) a UML model.


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