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Subject: FW: Call for participation - Open Forum on Metadata Registries - April 2005

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Kathryn Breininger
Boeing Library Services
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From: Bargmeyer [mailto:bebargmeyer@lbl.gov]
Sent: Thursday, December 23, 2004 9:42 AM
To: Breininger, Kathryn R
Subject: Call for participation - Open Forum on Metadata Registries - April 2005

This message is being sent to people who participated in a past Open Forum.


Here is the call for participation for Open Forum 2005. Please forward it to anyone or any list that you think may be relevant.

[ My apologies to anyone who receives multiple copies of this message due to multiple postings.]


Bruce Bargmeyer



Eighth International Open Forum on Metadata Registries (Open Forum 2005)


The theme for Open Forum 2005 will be: Semantic Interoperability: Where Meaning Meets Metadata.

You are invited to participate. The Open Forum will be held in Berlin, Germany, April 11 - 14, 2005. This is the eighth in a series of international conferences about topics related to metadata registries. Participants will explore the capabilities, uses, content, development, and operation of registries and related technologies. Semantics management - for data, concepts and terminology - is becoming especially important, so the emphasis for Open Forum 2005 is on the confluence of terminology and metadata registry standards.

This Open Forum will concentrate on Metadata Registry and Terminology standards and their associated technologies and issues:

  • ISO/IEC 11179 Metadata Registries
  • ISO 704 Terminology work - Principles and methods
  • ISO 12620 Computer applications in terminology - Data categories
  • International Standards on language resource management covering for instance feature structure representation, morphosyntactic annotation framework, linguistic Annotation Framework, lexical markup framework, etc.
  • Other types of metadata registries such as XML registries, business object registries, etc.
  • Extensions to metadata registries to enable registration of complex semantic structures such as ontologies
  • Use of metadata registries as semantic resources for semantics-based computing
  • Provision of semantic services for data grids and the semantic web, and
  • Questions of the granularity and composition of metadata into core components /elements (and their possible de-composition)

These technologies help enterprise managers to manage their data, information systems, and information services. They lead the way toward semantics management and knowledge management. The technologies are important not only for managing the content of databases and XML data transfers, but also lay the foundation for a coming wave of semantics-based computing. Semantic interoperability is essential for a very broad range of capabilities from traditional applications to the semantic web. The conference will gather standards developers, software developers, and practitioners together to demonstrate accomplishments and to discuss current and future efforts.


To see the agenda, click: www.berlinopenforum.de/tracks.html


On the first day, tutorials will be given on standards and associated technologies, with a focus on cooperation and interoperation of these standards and technologies. The following days will present case studies, implementation experiences, practical applications, research projects and advanced development activities. The level of the presentations will vary from high-level descriptions to technical-level specifics.

Open Forum 2005 Goals:
The central goal of this Open Forum is to share knowledge and experience about standards and implementation experiences. The Open Forum sessions will examine emerging technologies and describe what people are doing and planning in their implementation efforts. The sessions will also explore the fundamental concepts and the direction of research and development efforts.

Organized by:

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)/

International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)/

Joint Technical Committee 1 (JTC 1)/

Subcommittee 32 – Data Management and Interchange/ WG 2 – Metadata


ISO Technical Committee 37 – Terminology and Related Language Resources standards.

Please mark your calendars for this event in Berlin, 11 to 14 April, 2005

Concerning the scientific programme:
Christian Galinski cgalinski@infoterm.org & Gerhard Budin gerhard.budin@univie.ac.at
Concerning the organization: Bruce Bargmeyer bebargmeyer@lbl.gov
Local Organizer: Fabienne Nawrat Info@Allround-Team.com


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Bruce Bargmeyer

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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Tel: 510-495-2905

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email: BEBargmeyer@lbl.gov


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