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Subject: Remove RegistryEntry class

As I work my way through regrep-rim-3.0-draft-01 document I see another 
area where we
have unnecessary complexity that is hard for us to describe to our 
intended reader.

I am talking about the RegistryEntry class. Much functionality from this 
class has bubbled up to RegistryObject class over the years.
All this class provides at this point is the expiration and stability 

  <complexType name="RegistryEntryType">
      <extension base="tns:RegistryObjectType">
        <attribute name="expiration" type="dateTime" use="optional"/>
        <attribute name="stability" type="tns:referenceURI" use="optional"/>
  <element name = "RegistryEntry" type = "tns:RegistryEntryType" 
substitutionGroup="tns:Identifiable" />

There is little rhyme or reason that we can provide for why some classes 
are derived from RegistryEntry and why others are derived
from RegistryObject. I propose we simplify the model and remove the 
RegistryEntry class all together. We can still define expiration and 
stability attributes
as canonical Slots on the RegistryObject class so that any object can 
have stability and/or expiration defined in a standard way if needed.

BTW for what its worth these attributes have not been used much in my 
experience with various deoployments of freebXML Registry.

I have long felt that the RegistryEntry class is unnecessary and should 
be removed. Does anyone have any objections to removing this additional 
layer in our model?


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