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regrep message

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Subject: SQL Schema Comments

- home and lid are URIs. Is their length 128 or 256?
- What is the reason that VersionInfo is flattened in all RegistryObject-based tables?
- AffectedObject does not match rim.xsd definition (eventId is not in rim.xsd, createReplica is not in AffectedObject)
- Can we add MimeType as a canonical ClassificationScheme. If we do so, mimeType's datatype in ExtriniscObject will become varchar(64)
- Can we also add Lang and Charset as canonical ClassificationSchemes. If we do so, all lang and charset columns will have varchar(64) datatype
- createReplica is missing in ObjectRef
- PostalAddress, EmailAddress need id because of Slots
- operator's length in Registry should be 256
- specificationVersion in Registry should be not null
- Slot table should be transformed into two tables: Slot and SlotValue (Second Normal Form)
  Slot columns should be: name, slotType and parent with (parent,name) primary key
  SlotValue columns should be: name, value and parent with (parent,name,value) primary key 
- subscription is missing in Notification
- person_firstName and person_lastName in User_ should be not null
- What is Person table used for?
- Informal RDBMS naming standard is that multi-word names for database objects (tables, indexes, etc.) have underscore between
  "the words". For example, classification_node

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