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Subject: [Meeting Minutes] XML Schema Spec review special meeting 1/26/2005

Date: 1/26/2005
Who: Farrukh, Paul Macias, Carl, Ivan, Monica, Peter
What: Finish review of 3.0 XML Schema

Thanks to all that attended this special meeting.

We started review of XML Schema and finished it. The following comments 
were logged:

    * Farrukh: rim.xsd: Current  String types have bounded limits. Need
      to make them unbounded in version 4.
    * Paul: Should our schema use types defined by CCTS. Farrukh:
      strongly feels we should not because this tight coupling would
      limit our options and expose us to changes in another spec.
    * Farrukh: rim.xsd: Following type names SlotType1, AssociationType1
      are a workaround to avoid name conflicts. Defer fixing to version 4
    * Farrukh: lcm.xsd: Should remove AddSlotsRequest,
      RemoveSlotsRequest since these protocols have been removed. Agreed.
    * Farrukh: query.xsd: Action Item for TC members to review mapping
      from rim.xsd to RegistryObjectQueryType sub-types in query.xsd for
      correctness using algorithm defined in Filter Query section of
    * Farrukh: Allowing non UUID, URN values for RegistryObject.id:
      Action Item for TC members to review Farrukh's last email on that
      thread about changing canonical data to use user friendly URNs
      instead of UUID URNs and comment ASAP if they have any issues
      since this is a tedious change.

Please send any addition comments to regrep list.

Tomorrow we will be reviewing the SQL Schema and the WSDL files from 
draft-01. Please make every effort to attend. Note that I will once agin 
serve as scribe.



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