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Subject: Re: [regrep] [Meeting Minutes] XML Schema Spec review special meeting1/26/2005

Farrukh Najmi wrote:
> Date: 1/26/2005
> Who: Farrukh, Paul Macias, Carl, Ivan, Monica, Peter
> What: Finish review of 3.0 XML Schema
> Thanks to all that attended this special meeting.
> We started review of XML Schema and finished it. The following comments 
> were logged:
>    * Farrukh: rim.xsd: Current  String types have bounded limits. Need
>      to make them unbounded in version 4.
>    * Paul: Should our schema use types defined by CCTS. Farrukh:
>      strongly feels we should not because this tight coupling would
>      limit our options and expose us to changes in another spec.
>    * Farrukh: rim.xsd: Following type names SlotType1, AssociationType1
>      are a workaround to avoid name conflicts. Defer fixing to version 4
>    * Farrukh: lcm.xsd: Should remove AddSlotsRequest,
>      RemoveSlotsRequest since these protocols have been removed. Agreed.
>    * Farrukh: query.xsd: Action Item for TC members to review mapping
>      from rim.xsd to RegistryObjectQueryType sub-types in query.xsd for
>      correctness using algorithm defined in Filter Query section of
>      regrep-rs-3.0-draft-01.
>    * Farrukh: Allowing non UUID, URN values for RegistryObject.id:
>      Action Item for TC members to review Farrukh's last email on that
>      thread about changing canonical data to use user friendly URNs
>      instead of UUID URNs and comment ASAP if they have any issues
>      since this is a tedious change.
> Please send any addition comments to regrep list.


Sorry I missed this telecon. A few more comments regarding rim.xsd
(v 1.18 2005/01/03 01:21:57). Most of these are less-than-minor
advisories; the first two items are more significant.

* [MAJOR] minOccurs="1" for xsd:any in QueryExpressionType prohibits
   direct use of simple query strings.

   minOccurs should be "0" to allow direct use of query strings (e.g.
   XPath, XQuery--we also use these in our implementation). The mixed
   content model will allow such character content.

   <any namespace="##other" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" />

   Also note that @processContents is dropped--the default value is
   "strict" to require that an element declaration be available to the
   processor for validation purposes (even if validation is not actually
   performed in all cases).

   <documentation xml:lang="en">
   A query specified using any supported query language, as identified
   by the queryLanguage attribute. The mixed content model also
   accommodates queries expressed using character data.

* [MINOR]: Empty id in RegistryObjectType. A zero-length string is
   evidently _not_ a legal URI. The XML Schema spec (Part 2,
   defers to RFC 2396 <http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2396.txt>.

   The BNF is definitive. See Appendix A (p.26), in particular:

   rel_segment   = 1*( unreserved | escaped |
                           ";" | "@" | "&" | "=" | "+" | "$" | "," )

   Hence a zero-length character sequence is not a legal URI value.

   Perhaps just amend the documentation to indicate that URI values
   (relative or not) that do not reflect the canonical URN syntax will
   be replaced with URNs generated in the usual manner.

* [ADVISORY]: prune the lang attrib commented out in LocalizedStringType

* [ADVISORY]: cardinality constraints on sequence compositor in
   IdentifiableType appear to be unnecessary

* [ADVISORY]: Is the comment about @code in ClassificationNodeType still
   pertinent? The attribute remains optional, presumably to accommodate
   taxonomies that are not coding schemes. If so, the comment can
   probably be removed.

* [ADVISORY]: Typo in documentation for AdhocQuery. Perhaps amend text
   as follows to be more informative:

   Encapsulates all registry queries. A QueryExpression element is
   not required when invoking a stored query.

* [ADVISORY]: @selector in SubscriptionType is a bit ambiguous. Perhaps
   rename this to eventSelector or (queryRef).

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