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Subject: Re: [regrep] Summary of 3.0 Features?

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

> Is anyone considering creating, or has anyone created, a summary of 
> our 3.0 features, in any electronic form? I ask because there was a 
> request for this at last month's US federal XML CoP meeting. If not, I 
> am happy to create one - and I might create a presentation to give to 
> the XML CoP about our 3.0 features. Just wanted to leverage existing 
> work if it is there.
> Thanks,
> Joe
> Kind Regards,
> Joseph Chiusano
> Booz Allen Hamilton
> Strategy and Technology Consultants to the World

Good point Joe.

Here is a feature summary from an upcoming draft anouncement text for 
the freebXML Registry user community for when the TC approved the 3.0 
specs, that may help. Thanks for the evangelism in US Federal Government.

-HTTP bindings

-Registry Managed Version Control

-Query Engancements:
    * Iterative query
    * Parameterized stored queries
    * Improved filter query syntax

-Content Management Services
    * automatic semantic content validation
    * automatic content cataloging, and plug-in support
    * content based queries

-Federated Registry
    * federated query support
    * linking of content and metadata across registry boundaries
    * replication of content and metadata among registries
    * moving of content and metadata from one registry to another

-Access control and authorization based on the XACML 1.0 standard

-Content based Event Notification

-Federated Identity Management support using SAML 2.0 Single Sign On (SSO)

-Alignment with recent standards
    * Web Services Security: SOAP Message Security 1.0
    * Web Services Security: SOAP Message with Attachments (SwA) Profile 
    * WS-I: Basic Security Profile 1.0
    * WS-I: Basic Profile 1.1
     * SAML 2.0
    * XACML 1.0.


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