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Subject: RE: [regrep] Special telecon meeting to conduct vote for approval of specs to OASIS - need to know if you can attend ASAP

At this point that date/time are fine for me, but I am on the verge of
beginning a new project and so I cannot yet be sure.

Kind Regards,
Joseph Chiusano
Booz Allen Hamilton
Visit us online@ http://www.boozallen.com

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Breininger, Kathryn R [mailto:kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com] 
> Sent: Wednesday, March 09, 2005 3:49 PM
> To: ebXML Regrep (ebXML Regrep)
> Subject: [regrep] Special telecon meeting to conduct vote for 
> approval of specs to OASIS - need to know if you can attend ASAP
> Importance: High
> We will need to hold a special telecon meeting on Tuesday 
> March 15th to vote on approving the specs as Committee Drafts 
> following the revisions made as a result of resolution of 
> comments, and for submitting to OASIS.
> This will be a voice vote.  The times we could do this would 
> be 7:00- 8:00 am PT, or 1:00- 2:00 pm PT.  Key to this will 
> be whether or not Farrukh will have time to complete the 
> revisions based on the comment resolutions prior to our 
> telecon.  The comments resolution log will also need to be 
> completed, indicating what the resolution was for each 
> comment that was submitted.  The submission package must be 
> sent to OASIS by EOB Tuesday March 15th for this cycle, 
> otherwise we will need to wait until the next submission 
> cycle. I will be spending the remainder of March 15th 
> completing the submission package. (Farrukh, I also need the 
> draft for section 3 from you - relationship to other standards work).
> Can everyone make a telecon March 15th at 7:00 am PT, and 
> Farrukh and Richard - will the specs and the resolution logs 
> be ready by then?
> Please respond ASAP whether or not you would be able to make 
> this meeting for the voice votes.  I will send telecon info 
> once I know if we will be able to achieve quorum.
> Thanks!
> Kathryn Breininger
> CENTRAL Project Manager
> Emerging Technologies
> Boeing Library Services
> 425-965-0182 phone
> 425-237-3491 fax
> kathryn.r.breininger@boeing.com
> > How was your service? Please click link below.......
> > http://socal.web.boeing.com/ssglibsurvey/
> > 
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