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Subject: Re: [regrep] Hibernate and ebXML Registry / OMAR?

David Webber (XML) wrote:

>I just skimmed thru this:
> http://www.devx.com/Java/Article/27896
>and had a strong sense of "been there, done that" in
>terms of storing extrinsic objects - and particularly
>XML ones into the SQL store underneath registry.
>Is there a win-win scenario for us here beckoning
>where we could adopt the Hibernate approach/syntax for
>ebXML registry?
>Are there any issues procedurally if we did establish 
>that dependency?
>I'm just brainstorming here - not saying this is something
>we should do - but potentially this could be a benefit to
>developers creating ebXML registry solutions...
Hibernate is an open source implementation of a Java / XML Persistence 
As such it may be of interest to those implementing ebXML Registry. However,
I do not see what relevance it would have on our specs. Thanks.
fn:Farrukh Najmi

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