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Subject: Re: [regrep] webinar description--Carol's edits

This looks great Carol! Comments inline below....

Carol Geyer wrote:

>"...One Registry to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them." (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) 
>I'm inclined to forgo Lord of the Rings in favor of Dr. Strangelove, and go with a long title that sheds light on the functionality
>without scaring people off with too much jargon. My recommended edits follow for your review:
>ebXML Registry v3.0 OASIS Standard:
>How to Publish, Manage, Govern, Discover, and Reuse Artifacts for eBusiness, SOA, and Other Applications
><date> Week of July 18th (TBD)
>Discover the advantages of the new ebXML Registry v3.0 OASIS Standard from the people who developed it. The OASIS ebXML Registry
>Technical Committee invites you to attend an open webinar event to learn more about how ebXML Registry enables secure, federated
>information management within and across enterprises. 
>ebXML Registry provides the functionality you need to manage electronic artifacts for SOA including WSDL, XML Schema, BPEL,
>e-business and other process descriptions, 
I think we should spell out ebXML Business Process descriptions above.

>ebXML Collaboration Protocol Profiles and Core Components, as well as
>application-specific artifacts. The OASIS Standard promotes service discovery and interoperability, while enabling secure, efficient
>sharing, reuse, and version control of artifacts. 

>ebXML Registry can also be implemented for event or information asset registry and
Suggest replacement for above:

ebXML Registry can also be used to notify interetsed parties of changes to information assets managed by the ebXML registry and

>In fact, any requirement you have for describing and registering items of interest to an organization can be
>accomplished with ebXML Registry.
+1 above is great - nice, simple and to the point.

>ebXML Registry is particularly suited to support application- and domain-specific use cases. The fully ratified OASIS Standard has
>been adopted and deployed in vertical industries including government, health care, geospatial, telecommunications, banking, and
>This one-hour webinar will present: 
>* an overview of ebXML Registry v3.0 key features
>* details on production implementations 
>* success stories from users
>* brief demo  
>* Q&A session with members of the OASIS ebXML Registry Committee
>Who should attend:
>Developers, IT managers, IT analysts, and e-business managers will all find this an informative and valuable session for addressing
>how to manage and promote e-business in their companies. Whether you've deployed registries already or just beginning to investigate
>the potential for your environment, this webinar will deliver insights to help you take the next step.
BTW I have two slide decks nearly ready to contribute for TC edit/review 
for the event:

1. ebXML Registry 3.0: The Big Picture

2. ebXML Registry 3.0: Technical Overview

Will publish to Kavi in the next few days so we can work on them in the 
next few weeks. Thanks.
fn:Farrukh Najmi

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