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regrep message

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Subject: Motion to start electronic ballot to approve regrep4-cd1-draft7 asCommittee Draft specs

Dear colleagues,

Having looked at the OASIS Voting process at:


There are some built in delays in the process. Even if we all vote on 
the first day the ballot MUST remain open for 7 days.

Therefor, I would like to propose we start an electronic ballot for 
approval of  regrep4-cd1-draft7 as Committee Draft specs.
If we find any stopper issues in the spec during next week, we can 
always change our Vote NO during the voting period.

We have previously approved a standing rule to allow motions for 
starting electronic ballot via email. Thus I would like to make the 
following motion:

I hereby move to start an electronic ballot with the following details:

Ballot Title:
Approve regrep4-cd1-draft7 as Committee Specifications

Ballot Description:

Shall the specification bundle listed below be approved as a Committee 
Specification by the OASIS ebXML Registry TC?

ebXML RegRep 4.0 CD1 Draft 7:

The process to approve Committee Specifications is described by OASIS 
standards approval process at:


Do I have someone who can second this motion? Does any one object to 
this motion?

Please respond ASAP so Kathryn as chair can start the ballot today. 
Thank you.

Farrukh Najmi

Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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