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Subject: Re: Partial Python implementation of TREX

That's very good news.  Maybe we should start a collobarative effort to
build a test suite.

James Tauber wrote:
> During a couple of transatlantic flights last week I was able to knock off a
> decent amount of a Python implementation of TREX. I haven't looked at James
> Clark's implementation at all so this is completely clean-room.
> I'm really happy with TREX so far from an implementation point of view
> although I obviously started with the easier parts. I've implemented those
> features described in sections 1 through 3 of the tutorial, almost done 4
> (grammar/start/define/ref).
> It'll be up at pytrex.sourceforge.net real soon now, but feel free to email
> me privately if you'd like me to send you the python before then.
> I've also been building up test cases as I've implemented features and I'll
> be making those available too.
> James Tauber

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