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relax-ng message

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Subject: Re: TREX issues list

Forgot the attachment.  Here it is.

James Clark wrote:
> Attached is a list of the issues that have been raised so far.
> At the first telcon I propose to run through each of the issues, and see
> whether there are any in which we are all in agreement already and which
> can therefore be closed without further discussion.   So I would ask
> everybody who plans to participate in the telcon to have a look at each
> of the issues befote the telcon.
> Also if anybody has additional issues, please raise them as soon as
> possible.
> James
Title: TREX Issues List

TREX Issues List

Should empty elements allow whitespace?
Name of "difference" element
Support for xml:base
Add pattern to match any element?
Syntax of "global" attribute on "attribute" element
Split include element?
Name of grammar element
Parameterized patterns
Lists of simple datatypes
Versioning; require use of TREX namespace
Use of QNames
Repeat M-N times
Syntax of parent attribute on ref element
Allow difference of patterns
Drop concur
Add exclusions
ID/IDREF and other identity constraints

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