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Subject: Re: TREX for TREX without namespace

If we do decide to continue to make the use of the TREX namespace
optional, then certainly the TREX for TREX should allow it.  This is
quite easy: create a file trex-no-ns.trex specifying TREX for TREX with
no namespace; then trex.trex can be:

  <include href="trex-no-ns.trex"/>
  <include href="trex-no-ns.trex"

James Clark wrote:
> A more basic question is whether TREX should require the use of the TREX
> namespace or whether it should continue to allow no namespace to be used
> for TREX elements.
> (Using the term "default namespace" to refer to an absent or null
> namespace is a little confusing, since the XML Namespace Rec uses
> "default namespace" to refer to the namespace declared by the "xmlns"
> attribute.)
> James Tauber wrote:
> >
> > The current TREX for TREX assumes the TREX namespace is being used.
> >
> > Should/could it allow for both the case where the schema being validated
> > uses the TREX namespace OR the default namespace?
> >
> > James Tauber

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