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relax-ng message

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Subject: Issue: language name

What is the name of our language after unification between TREX and RELAX?

First, here is some information.

- RELAX has RELAX Core and RELAX Namespace, and will have RELAX Data.  RELAX Core 
  and TREX will be unified.

- RELAX Core and RELAX Namespace are JIS Technical Reports, but they are not 
  JIS standards.  JIS Technical reports are informational and are intended to 
  promote consensus.

- RELAX Core is an ISO DTR, and may become an ISO TR.  RELAX Namespace will 
  also be submitted to ISO as a DTR.  But ISO technical reports are informational
  and fast-track TRs are type-3 (experimental).

- Probably, more than 10% of OASIS members will oppose to our language.  If this is 
  the case, we cannot make an OASIS standard.

- I can probably promote our upcoming language to a JIS standard, and then submit 
  it to ISO as a fast-track DIS.  To make this scenario easier, a name similar to 
  RELAX would help.

- In the US, ISO standards are not really important.  But in Europe, the EC mandates
  use of ISO standards.

To me, "RELAX 2" helps.  Somebody suggested "TRELAX", "TryRELAX", "RELAXED" (the 
last consonant comes from TREX) :-)



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