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Subject: Re: Issue: Should we disallow nested grammars?

> I would like to keep the door open.    However, I am not sure if nesting of 
> grammars does not prevent such future mechanisms.  If you convince 
> me that the door is open, I can probably be persuaded.

As a person who implements your "divide and validate" framework, I'm
pretty sure that nested <grammar>s are nothing to do with m12n. As James
Clark said, it's just another kind of pattern; the only difference is
that you can name patterns and therefore you can create cyclic graph of

Your "high-level" mechanism can be something like

1. introduce "targetNamespace" to top-level <grammar>
2. remove "ns" attribute.
3. add a pattern to switch to the different namespace.
   <any />, maybe?

I guess that's it. And as you see, all we need to do is check the value
of "targetNamespace" --- just like RELAX.

Kohsuke KAWAGUCHI                          +1 650 786 0721
Sun Microsystems                   kohsuke.kawaguchi@eng.sun.com

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