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Subject: Re: TREX TC Minutes 2001-05-03

Michael Fitzgerald wrote:

> 7. Hierarchical scoped references. A VIN database could have subelements for
> State, then State code, then regno, etc., items then can be
> scoped/referenced in this hierarchy. James - symbols spaces [5 above] are
> scoped to document. M.-san - let's talk about by mail. James - I don't want
> too many levels of the language, want to keep it simple. Will not do for
> 1.0.

If I said "let's talk about it by e-mail", I was talking about the ambiguity 

In RELAX or TREX, a document may have more than one possible interpretation.  
That is, we sometimes cannot assign a single type to each element but rather 
have to assign more than one types.  XML Schema does not have this ambiguity.

If we use types as a basis for specifying constraints, this ambiguity causes 
problems.  This is a difficult issue, and we should talk about it by mail.  
But JamesC believes that we have a reasonable solution that covers most 
use cases.

I would like to add an observation by JamesC in the minutes.  If we do 
not have hierarchical scoped references, we do not need path expressions 
and our constraints are away simpler than those in XML Schema. 



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