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Subject: Re: ID/IDREF strawman

Thanks for the strawman proposal.

1. My analysis with respect to requirements

1) keys as elements as well as keys as attributes

Yes.   Both <element> and <attribute> (in strawman#1) 
can contain <key> and <keyRef>.

2) non-name keys

Yes.  <key> and <keyRef> (in strawman#1) can contain  
<data type="..."/>.

3) typed keys

Not quite, since "01" and "1" are treated differently in strawman#1.

4) multiple symbol spaces

Yes.  If key names are different, symbol spaces are different.

2. Misc

James Clark wrote:

> Good question.  I was imagining that keys would be compared depending on the
> datatypes declared in the content.  That's going to be complicated if the
> content is not a single <data> element.

Can strawman#2 handle "01" and "1" equally?

James Clark wrote:

> This would present a problem with anonymous datatypes.  I think we need to
> think about those more.

If we assume that two anonymous datatypes are always different, I think 
we should simply disallow use of keys for anonymous datatypes.



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